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These are our top selling products for weight loss. Not all products work for all people. Some causes of weight gain include:

  • poor choice of foods in diet
  • slow metabolism (very common in the US)
  • overeating
  • infections such as candida
  • some chronic virals and parasites
  • chronic pain from injuries
  • severe stress and unhappiness can interfere with the metabolism
  • lack of exercise
  • not enough enzymes in diet
  • poor colon function - chronic constipation

In order to be successful in your weight loss program, you need to find out why you have a weight problem and work on the solutions one at a time. Many of you will need to detox and use other products besides these, but the ones listed below are some of the safest and most effective natural products available.

  • Overweight by more than 30 pounds can contribute to significant health problems.
  • The bigger you get the worse the body gets and the more stress there is on all the organs.
  • Always drink 2-3 glasses of pure water daily to help flush out the fat working on weight loss.
  • Set yourself realistic goals. For weight loss over 50 pounds give yourself at least a year!
  • We do not recommend weight loss programs for breast feeding mothers.Many toxins are stored in the fat and this all breaks down and has to be eliminated from your body and in our opinion is not good for the baby.

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